The Chocolate Conductor

A friend used to date a world famous conductor. Every time I see him on television, and that’s frequently because he really is one of the mega super stars of the classical music world, I grin because she once told me a secret about him. Whenever they were alone together he was always eating chocolate. She said he was like a child who would devour it all day long if it were around. Didn’t matter what kind — it could be the best Belgian truffles or a king size bag of Hershey Kisses. As long as it was chocolate, he was happy. The amusing thing about this is that when he is conducting he looks so dour and formal, majestic in his seriousness and gravitas. I’m sure he has made even the best musicians cringe and shiver if his steely glance fell on them for having made a mistake. But seeing him in his elegant bespoke suits, baton held high, face pure concentration and high purpose, all I can remember is her describing how he was never happier than when he was padding around the apartment in stocking feet eating a Mars bar.

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